Why get certified on green it?

With all kinds of it certifications out there why on earth would you take the time to pursue a cert on Green IT?. Here’s why. 

Companies of all sizes are trying to apply any resources to appears greener than the one besides them.

A clear picture how this thing of Green IT is growing can be found using google trends:

Green IT forecast

There are many reasons for that. Either it is for a real intention to reduce their CO2 footprint or to get a save on the electricity bill by the end of the month.

Both of these options are valid. Personally I prefer to go for the first option, the other one is more likely to address a common saying of a vmware’s exec down here in Argentina… “the only green in Green IT is the dollar bill”.

Moving on, if you want to implement some green policies at your work place or if you want to start a new career on this field a certification is a great way to start.

The same way I started my career on vmware with almost no experience at all on certifying I will share with you my experience preparing Comptia’s Green IT Exam.