Techniques to dispose of hazardous materials

Continuing with the idea of listing every topic of the exam objectives in order to present them as a way to prepare the exam (sort of a personal guide in order to get the certification).

Implement environmentally sound techniques to dispose of hazardous materials

Environmentally hazardous substance disposal

  • Battery disposal

  • CRT disposal-replace with LCDs

  • General Recycling

    • Recycling of computers for reuse or parts

  • Toner disposal / ink cartridge recycling

  • Cleaning supply disposal

  • Materials that meet RoHS guidelines

  • Retired equipment disposal

  • Use of third party approved vendors for disposal

    • Shredding

    • Incinerating

    • Hard drive wiping

This is part of the Green IT Technologies and Techniques domain of the certification.

As said before, this is just a list. As soon as each of the lines gets a blog post it will be linked from here.