Replace travel with video conferencing

With modern technologies there is almost no need to travel in order to take day-to-day meetings. Audio and video conferencing software and hardware allows companies to avoid unnecessary travel to perform this kind of activities.
Avoiding unnecessary travel a high impact on the environment is reduced in conjunction with the improvement of the workforce results.
First of all you don’t need to travel or commute to take the meeting in the first place. Almost no emissions of CO2 are in place if you don’t take a flight or drive through the city for hours in order to take a one-hour meeting.
Video conferencing solutions:
oovoo: audio and video conferencing
skype: audio and video conferencing
webex: audio and video conferencing
Companies of all sizes are adopting video conferencing solutions every day for different uses but, from my point of view, there are some meetings that need to be taken face to face and those cannot be replaced by a video call so it’s up to you to analyze which meetings can be taken over the internet and which should not.
Standing from a Green IT point of view, reducing travel will reduce organization impact on the environment and will save some money on travel and accommodation with improved productivity.   

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