Remote interviews

A normal recruiting process usually takes 4+ interviews depending on the company standards. Taking advantage on remote interviewing can save a lot of time and improve employee’s productivity.

Since candidates do not need to travel for the interview whether by a public transportation service or by his/her own car CO2 emissions are considerable reduced minimizing the company impact on the environment.

Employee or team performance can be improved by taking more interviews on the same time frame. Personally I have taking a few dozens of screening/interviews using Skype both on voice and video mode and the results for a first contact with a candidate works great.

From my point of view this technique can be applied only on the first sets of interviews leaving at least one or two to be in person.

Tools that can be used to to perform remote interviews:

oovoo: audio and video conferencing
skype: audio and video conferencing
webex: audio and video conferencing

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