Purpose and application of virtualization technology

Continuing with the idea of listing every topic of the exam objectives in order to present them as a way to prepare the exam (sort of a personal guide in order to get the certification).

Explain the purpose and application of virtualization technology 

  • VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Virtual Lab
    • On demand Labs and On Demand Applications
  • Server consolidation
  • Storage virtualization
  • Application virtualization
  • Best practices
  • Pros and Cons of virtualization



  • Potential single point of failure
  • Increased administrative overhead
  • More complex administration
  • High initial investment
  • Training personnel costs
  • Increased network traffic within a single node
  • Resource contention
  • Increase mean time between failure
  • Security
    • Concerns from shared hardware, shared resources, DOS
    • Concerns from timing/interrupt attacks (Encryption) and VM escaping

This is part of the Green IT Technologies and Techniques domain of the certification.
As said before, this is just a list. As soon as each of the lines gets a blog post it will be linked from here.