Decrease print margins (increase print area)

Decrease print margins is one of the simplest ideas that you can implement right away in order to greening your IT department or even your company. The main goal here is to save paper, let’s discuss it.

Increasing your printing area or decreasing the print margins, depending on your point of view, is one of the simplest ideas that can be implemented organization wide.

This change on your software can save several sheets of paper depending on how much you print during the year.

According to Change the margins the default print margin goes from 1 inch to 1.25 inches. If you reduce the print margin to 0.75 inches an 4.75 percent reduction of paper consumption is achieved.

Another point that is not covered on Comptia Green IT Exam is that if you reduce the font size that you use  during printing you also save paper.

Both ideas together can save several trees during the year.

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