vmware workstation your first step in virtualization

how to buy vmware workstationSo finally we have covered the benefits of virtualization but mostly at an enterprise level that may not be suitable for everyone. 

Let’s think that you just need to run more than one computer as a personal lab, you don’t need to move all the way to an enterprise grade virtualization deployment, you need Vmware workstation.

Vmware workstation allows the user to run more than one operative system in the same computer at the same time without having to turn on and off your computer every time you need to use a different operative system.

From a green it perspective the product avoids the need to have several computers running at the same time with ends up saving on the electricity bill  at the end of the month and  of course leaving less electronic waste on the streets when the end of life of the computers arrive.

Vmware workstation is pretty cheap when you look at the benefits it provides. Without any discount you can pay for the product about 250 US dollars but when you compare the cost of buying another computer and the monthly cost of the energy you can easily figure the math.

It allows you to run more than 30 different operative systems including windows, Linux and some versions of Novell.  So it’s perfect to run a lab with a variety of needs.

The latest version of the product can run very big virtual machines with servers characteristics. So you can even simulate a server environment on your laptop or desktop.

It also allows the user to run a personal cloud on the on the computer with vmware cloud foundry which is a tiny version of vmware’s platform as a service. With these you can develop your cloud applications on your desktop and then upload it to their service.

So if you run into the need of having a small lab or need to develop locally vmware workstation is a great product. For more information on how to buy vmware workstation click here.

If you have any doubt about if vmware workstation is right for you please visit 10 things you should know before buying vmware workstation.