About Comptia’s Green IT Exam Part 2

As stated on a previous post this is the second part of the objectives that needs to be achieved in order to get Comptia Green ITComptia’s Green IT Certification. In this case I’m going to list Green IT Techniques and Technologies that appears on the official Comptia’s Green IT certification site.

Green IT Techniques and Technologies

    Implement environmentally sound techniques to dispose of hazardous materials.

    Identify and implement environmentally sound techniques to preserve power.

    Explain the purpose and application of virtualization technology.

    Explain different techniques and technologies that will enhance Green IT initiatives

Each one of the lines on the list will have it’s own blog post in order to list the details included.

The third part of the objectives will cover Green IT Policies and Standards.

In case you need to check the details of the exam you can check this link.

Nicolas Solop